November 26th – December 25th
30-Workouts in 30-Days

30-Day Eating Success Blueprint
(includes your favorite holiday treats :o)
Daily Facebook Accountability Challenges
Earn Points Towards Daily and Weekly Prizes (including apparel, fitness equipment, massage gift certificates, movie tickets and more…)
Drop a Pant Size by Christmas – Guaranteed

Special Holiday Price:

Non-Members $97 (Please Register Online) Current Members -0- (no registration required)
Holiday Challenge Orientation Required
Tuesday 11-20-12 @ 6pm 934 Enterprise Way, #D

Each member will receive:

  • Holiday Eating Success Blueprint
  • 30 Workouts in 30 Days (some workouts will be at home)
  • Access to all Daily Facebook Accountability Challenges
  • Raffle Tickets Based on challenges completed (see below)
Accountability Challenge Tickets Earned
Refer a friend to join the challenge before 11/20 5
Attend Thanksgiving Day TFT Workout 1
Attend class 1 per class
Attend 5 classes in one week (bonus tickets) 2
Do a prescribed workout at home and post rounds on FB 1
Renew Membership 1 to 5
Turn in food journal daily 1 per day
Bring a guest during bring a friend week 1 per guest
Use heavier weights (subject to coaches approval) 5
Place a supplement order at 5
Submit annual boot camp survey 5
Schedule a fitness benchmark test for before 11/26 & 12/21 10
Attend any special classes (nutrition, stretching, etc.) 2
Schedule nutrition consult and measurements 5
Submit before and after pics 5
Complete Daily Facebook Challenge 1 per
Eat breakfast (only applicable if journal is turned in) 1

Bonus tickets given to members that have been members for over 2 years.
(2 years=2 tickets, 3 years=3 tickets, 4 years=4 tickets and so on)

Raffle prizes will be given daily and grand prizes given on Fridays.

Must be present at camp to win prize if name is drawn.

Raffle prizes will include but are not limited to salad shakers, protein shaker cups, bands, apparel, massage gift certificates, surprise goodie bundles, movie tickets, favorite product bundles, Prograde and Isagenix Supplements and more….

Undrawn tickets will carry over to next drawing.


Q: If I am a current member do I have to pay to be in the holiday challenge?
A: No. Current members are automatically in the challenge. Non members pay $97.
Q: Do I have to do the challenge? What do I have to do?
A: You don’t have to win prizes :). But you will get tickets simply for showing up for camp and can choose the other things you want to do in order to get more entries into the raffles.
Q: When does challenge begin?
A: Current members can begin to accrue tickets during bring a friend week. And on Thanksgiving boot camp. All other challenge tickets and Raffles will begin on Monday 11/26.
Q: What camps are involved?
A: All camps are involved, Napa, Sonoma, St. Helena and American Canyon. Each coach will have raffle tickets to hand out and all coaches will collect and keep raffle tickets for daily and weekly drawings.
Q: Do I need to be present to win?
A: YES. All members are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible during the challenge and you must be present when your name is drawn to win the prize, if you are not at camp that day your ticket will be put back and someone else will be drawn. You should turn your raffle tickets into the class you most often attend.
Q: What if I am only a 3 day per week member? How can I attend everyday?
A: During the 4-week challenge, current members who are only signed up for 3 days per week may upgrade to unlimited for only $25. However, there are some locations that are only available 3x per week so they may need to travel to other locations or class times.