Are you killing it at your Napa fitness center but not seeing the results? There is a chance that you have received some bad advice from a friend or colleague. Perhaps you relied quite heavily on advice you looked up on the internet, and the information you read was just plain wrong. That’s all too easy these days; we have greater access to information, but it isn’t always accurate.

Additionally, there is research being done all of the time that is overturning long-held beliefs about exercise and fitness. This is why a personal trainer is an excellent source for accurate information. Here are a few common fitness myths.

No Pain, No Gain

It’s quite alright to totally forget this masochistic mantra because it’s just not true. Unless you have a known injury, never exercise through pain. Pain is a warning sign, it means something is not right with your body and by continuing, you are risking an injury.


This one has been debated by experts for a long time, but the general consensus is that it is better and more effective to stretch after your muscles have been warmed up. That is, before you stretch, warm up with some easy movements that prepare you for exercise.

In addition, you don’t need to go to extremes and sweat profusely to get a great workout. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking will give you plenty of gains.

Treadmills are Safer Than the Streets

One might think that running on a treadmill is safe, but this is not necessarily true. Much of what can hurt you while running isn’t the surface or location, it is in your mechanics. This also holds true if you have an injury. Running with a sore knee on a treadmill is just as dangerous as running outside with a sore knee.

It is best if you check with your doctor before starting a running program.

Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky

If that is the look you are going for, then lifting weights can make you look bulky. But you will need to specifically train to reach that goal, it just doesn’t automatically happen. Weight training just a few times a week will increase bone strength and muscle mass without making you look all bulked up. In fact, weights will make you look nicely toned, just what you want.

You are Too Old to Exercise

This is a huge myth because you are never too old to benefit from exercise. In fact, there are many good reasons to stay fit as you age. Studies show that people of advanced age can reduce their risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and mental decline when they engage in regular activity. Unfortunately, about 75 percent of elderly Americans fail to get enough exercise.

To get the most from your exercise routine, your workouts should include aerobics, strength training, balance and flexibility.

More is Better

There is really no need to spend hours on end at the gym; 30 minutes a day at least five times a week is enough to maintain good health.