The food you put into your body is just as important as hitting your Napa fitness center a few times a week. You are, after all, what you eat. Unfortunately, the typical American’s diet isn’t very nutritious. Most meals consist of refined, additive-laden and nutrient-sparse food that doesn’t taste very well. Your diet is the reason why you feel tired and sick all of the time.

Clean eating is just the opposite. At the core, it’s eating foods that are natural, not processed. Basically, the fewer steps from its original form, the better the food. And once you start eating clean, some pretty amazing things start to happen.

Plenty of Energy

When you eat clean, you actually fuel your body, you won’t believe how much energy this gives you. People who have never eaten clean will be surprised by how little energy they had before when their diet consisted of junk food.

Rarely Get Sick

Once you stop eating potato chips and start eating fruits and vegetables, you provide yourself with a robust immune system. Clean eaters don’t get sick as often as those who eat junk food, and when they do get sick, it doesn’t keep them down as long.

Faster Recovery From Workouts

When you work out, you are actually tearing your body down, damaging ligaments, muscles and tendons and stressing out your bones. It is the food you eat that is key in repairing and rebuilding the damage done by working out. Clean eaters take in the raw materials necessary to rebuild and recover in good time.

Fewer Medications

A nutrient-rich, high-fiber diet improves nutritional deficiencies including improving cholesterol, reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. These are all conditions that are battled with medications. But when you eat healthily, you stand a good chance of not having to take medications to keep them in check.

Clear Skin

Your skin is the largest organ and it needs nutrients to regrow, repair and remain healthy.

You Are Regular

Lots of fiber means a healthy digestive tract, which is a very good thing if you don’t like being constipated. A healthy diet means you have regular bowel movements, sometimes twice a day. It also means you are less likely to suffer hemorrhoids and other colonic conditions.

Lose Weight

Ever eat the riblet plate at Applebee’s and then followed that up with dessert? Not a very good combination if you want to lose weight. When you eat foods high in fiber and protein, they fill you up faster and longer, meaning you are too full to eat dessert and you crave less junk food.

Less Guilt

No matter how clean your diet is, there will be those times when you crumble to temptation. Say you are at a party and you want to dive into the goodies, it’s quite alright to cheat every so often. And when you do, you feel less guilty about it because it is just a little slip-up and you will get back on track the next day.