Lack of money, time and motivation are the three biggest excuses people give for not going to their Napa fitness club and working out. Some other common excuses for avoiding working out include fear, embarrassment and a distaste for exercise in general. These are real hang-ups that keep people who really need to exercise from doing anything that makes them break a sweat.

We understand that if you haven’t been exercising and are out of shape, it might be difficult to get started because you are too self-conscious. But this leads to a vicious cycle because if you don’t get exercise, you will never improve your body shape.

The key to an active lifestyle is starting off small, baby steps if you will. You want to start with what you are willing to do and work your way up from there. A 10-minute walk can be the beginning of a 50-pound weight loss.

Here is the problem; you walk into the gym all fired up to get a workout and you see a group of the fittest people you have ever seen. This is a devastating blow to your psyche, watching these ladies in their skin-tight, uber-cool spandex and dripping sweat as they hit a speed on the treadmill you could never achieve even in your dreams. There is a treadmill open, but in no way will you jump on.

Gym-timidation is a fact of life, but there are ways to get over it.

Dress the Part

Go out and buy yourself the tightest, flashiest spandex outfit and make sure it is a bright neon color, something that really sticks out like a sore thumb. You see, this is impossible because all the ladies will be wearing basically the same thing you instead of stick out, you will actually be fitting right in.

We’ll tell you who does stick out; it’s the person who wears baggy sweats with a t-shirt so big it can second as a boat sail. What you want to do is buy gym clothes that make you feel good and that you like. Wear something that makes you feel like you, like an awesome headband for example.

Be Prepared

having a plan before you walk in the gym is a great way to boost your confidence. Take the time to write down every exercise you will be doing including the reps and sets. Come fully prepared and stick to the plan and all will be peachy-keen.

Everybody has Been There

You are not the only person without a perfect body to go to the gym. See that guy over there with the six-pack abs and buns of steel? Odds are he was an overweight hack with a spare tire and saggy buns the first time he stepped into the gym.

Bring a Friend

Nothing will make you feel more secure than going to the gym with a close friend. You just need to make sure you both have the same goal in mind. And it’s a big bonus if she is in as bad of shape as you are.