Joining your Napa fitness club to drop a few pounds will make you look better to be sure, but getting to a healthy body weight has many other benefits. Some of these benefits might even make you scratch your head. For example, there appears to be a relationship between weight loss and allergies and weight loss and arthritis.

For many, the struggle with their weight is most noticeable in the dressing room at the department store. It happens when you are trying on a pair of jeans in your size and you can’t seem to get the zipper closed all the way. This serves as a blunt reality check. So grunt with discontent, promise yourself you will lose 10 pounds and grab a pair of jeans the next size larger.

While your weight may influence how you feel about yourself and even how you are viewed by others, this is certainly not the only reason to embark on that weight-loss journey. Sure, having a bikini body is great, but it totally misses the point of weight loss. The reasons for weight loss go well beyond looking great in that little black dress.

Less Pain

Being overweight puts quite the strain on your joints, especially the knees. And while everybody deals with typical wear and tear on their joints, people who are overweight seem to suffer the most. In addition, inflammatory factors associated with weight could contribute to pain in smaller joints, like in your hands, as well.

Food Tastes Better

Hard to believe, but weight loss may make your food taste even better. Researchers have found that overweight people have less taste sensitivity than people who are at a healthy weight. They speculate this might be due to taste buds being overused. It could also be due to hormonal shifts that take place during weight loss. Either way, weight loss could mean that your shrimp scampi tastes better.

Improved Sex Drive

Studies show that women with excess belly fat have elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which has been found to interfere with sexual arousal. Also, losing that muffin top makes you feel less self-conscious, which increases your desire as well.

Fewer Colds

Weight loss comes with a change of lifestyle that includes better sleep and an improved immune system. This means you suffer fewer colds.

Better Complexion

If you suffer from skin issues like eczema, acne or psoriasis, losing weight could help your complexion clear up. This is because nutrients found in healthy foods have been proven to give you glowing skin. Losing weight means you likely aren’t consuming as much sugar, which is known to break down the proteins that keep your skin looking supple and young.

You Could Land That Dream Job

As sad as it may seem, studies have found that weight is a significant factor that can negatively impact your chances of landing that great job. Research found that hiring decisions were impacted negatively when photos showed a person to be overweight compared to the very same person who later lost weight.

You Will Live Longer

Probably the best reason to lose weight.