As much as you would like to think that eating chocolate cake and lounging around binge-watching all of your favorite shows on Netflix is the secret to a long and healthy life, you know that is not at all the case. What you do know is that regular exercise is one the surest bets to a life that is healthier and longer.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that you get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise a week, every week. Unfortunately, less than half of Americans do this. As for that percent of the population who would like to reach exercise goals, they should seriously consider joining a gym.

We are betting you have plenty of reasons not to join a gym. That’s fine because we have just as many reasons you should join your Napa fitness club. And we are bet our reasons are quite a bit more compelling than yours. Here are just a few reasons you should consider joining our fitness club.

Get Healthy

Regular cardiovascular exercise burns fat, strengthens the heart and protects you against diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Exercise also promotes better sleep, boosts energy levels and relieves stress.

Weight Loss

The exercises you do at the gym will help you burn calories and fat. Weight training then tones and sculpts your body and helps build lean muscle mass.

Stress Relief

According to the Mayo Clinic, most all forms of exercise act as a way to relieve stress. So whether you hit the gym for a hardcore workout or just some moderate exercises, you will feel much better when you leave.

You see, physical activity boosts your brain’s production of endorphins, the chemical that makes you feel better and have a brighter emotional outlook. Exercise also reduces tensions in both the body and the mind, which not only improves your mood, but helps you get quality sleep as well.


It can be quite the challenge sticking to an exercise program, especially if you would rather binge-watch a television series or spend the afternoon taking a nap. But when you join a gym, you develop a support system of other people who just happen to be working for the same goals. Like you, they have difficulty maintaining an exercise program at times, so they know just how you feel. You will make friends at the gym, which is beneficial in sticking to your routine. Spending time in an environment where everybody is reaching the same goals will have a positive effect on you.

Access to Equipment

Your gym has a wide range of equipment from which to choose. For example, they will have a variety of weight machines and you can find a machine for every part of your body. If you like treadmills, we are sure they have several and if you like stair climber we are sure you will find those as well.

Having the opportunity to use such a variety of equipment means you get to pick and choose which ones you like and which ones are best for you.


You just might be the competitive type. If so, then you will benefit from joining a fitness club. Many gyms offer opportunities to play sports, like racquetball for example. You can pit your skills against others to see how good you really are.

Even if no sports are offered, you can still benefit from your competitive nature. If the person next to you is bench-pressing 10 pounds more than you, it might give you the incentive to push a little harder. If there is someone who can do 5 more pull ups than you, if you are competitive, you work to exceed that goal.


Many people fail to follow through with their exercise goals because they simply get bored. This holds especially true if you are doing workouts at home and have no access to a variety of equipment. In addition, doing the same routine day in and day out can make Jack a dull boy. When you join a gym, you have plenty of options and others to talk to, which means you are less likely to get bored and quit. It’s the choices you have at a fitness club that keeps you motivated.