This time of year is all about adjusting schedules. The kids are preparing to go back to school, the days are starting to get shorter and you actually had to put on a sweater this morning for your commute to work. Pretty soon, you will be making your list of activities you want to accomplish in the fall. As much as you love going to your Napa fitness gym, getting outdoors is a great way to connect with nature.

Adding low-impact leisurely activities to your exercise regime is amazing for your overall health. After all, not all of your exercises have to be sweat-breakers. The fall is a great time to connect with family and enjoy the great outdoors all at the same time.


Hiking in the fall is a wonderful family activity. Local parks, waterfall trails or anywhere with a great scene is a fine destination. It doesn’t matter if you plan a short hike or a long excursion, your trip will be an adventure.

Instead of just tossing a bunch of things in a backpack, think about what you will need on a particular hike. The longer the hike, the more water you will need to be sure, you will also want to pack plenty of snacks for the family members. Wear layers of clothes because fall weather can be unpredictable.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking improves your fitness and takes you places you have never seen before. Picking through rocks, logs and tight turns is a great way to work your upper body and improve balance. Going mountain biking in the fall is invigorating, just make sure you wear your helmet and check your tires and brakes.

Pick-Up Football

Grab the Nerf and the kids and head to the park for a game of football. There is no better way to celebrate fall and get a little exercise than by playing some football. Go deep on three.

Barn Dance

Whether it’s square dancing or something more modern, attending a barn dance is a healthy way to spend a fall evening on a Saturday. The family will have a blast working up a sweat in the cool autumn evening.

Corn Maze

Taking your family to a corn maze is sure to be the highlight activity of the fall. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring your smartphone with the Google maps app.

Apple Picking

You could drive to your local supermarket and buy some apples, but what is so fun about that? There is just nothing quite like orchard-fresh apples picked straight from the tree during harvest season. That crunchy, sweet apple flavor is at its peak in the fall. Many orchards will let you pick your own to take home and make applesauce or apple pie.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Don’t buy this year’s Halloween pumpkins at the store, get them from the pumpkin patch instead. The kids will love wandering the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin and you will get a workout lifting them up for closer inspection.