July 10 – July 29
Summer Fit Challenge
@Fitness Revolution Napa

This 21-Day Challenge will keep you on track with your goals!

So often, summer is a time where it is easy to slack off on your nutrition and maybe not exercise as much as you should.
Instead of sliding backwards the Summer Fit Challenge will push you forward.  Better fitness in 21-days this summer!

Your 21-Day Summer Fit Challenge Includes: 

-Unlimited Training Sessions from July 10th – 29th (View Schedule Here)

-Functional Movement Screen

-Daily Fitness Challenges, Fitness Tracking and Accountability to earn prizes!

You will rack up points for number of sessions you attend, number of MEPs each week, and number of extra fitness
challenges met!  Each week we will give out prizes for most points earned!

We will have fun and crush the summer slow down 😊

Members Sign Up for $21 – Refer a Friend* for Only $49

Non-Members $99

Summer Fit Challenge

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