Napa Valley Transformation Challenge
How Locals Can Get A Healthy, Strong, Fit Body You Can Feel Good About In As Little As 42 Days… Even With ‘Old’ Injuries, Or A ‘Slow’ Metabolism!

No Gimmicks or False Promises, Just a Simple Eating Plan, Efficient Workouts and the Results You Deserve

Clean and Lean 2017 Transformation Challenge
January 16th – February 25th

Tired of just feeling like ‘blah’?

Life happens. We get it.

Maybe you can relate to this.

This past weekend you decided to do something about feeling like ‘blah’. You were just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You were tired of feeling sickly, unhealthy, and tired of feeling like your carrying around a bit more than your are comfortable with.

So, you decided that THIS WEEK you were going to do something about it. I mean you used to be healthy, fit and trim so surely you can get right back there. Easy?

You hit the gym, go on a crash diet of yogurt, some almonds, maybe a few of those hundred calorie snack packs only to find that your body isn’t dropping the fluff like it used to a few years ago… frustrating!

After a week of living off rabbit food spending endless hours on the elliptical and not seeing any results, you end up yelling at yourself naked then going on a bender of ice cream and french toast and rationalizing to yourself that dropping a few pounds and being ‘healthy’ is just too hard and a waste of time anyways. Besides if you were healthy you couldn’t eat the chips and salsa and the pizza that you love… and that would just suck.

I mean having a lean stomach isn’t THAT important to you, have you ever tried stuff crust pizza? (Rationalizing a bit hard here aren’t we.)

I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT your fault.

This happens to EVERYONE that is getting older. I don’t mean older as getting your AARP card, but older as in you don’t have as much free time anymore like you did in your 20’s. You have kids, a mortgage, a boss, responsibilities and you have put yourself on the back burner during that time. You went from alcohol hangovers to FOOD hangovers… now it’s almost hanging over your pants.

You remember how to workout, but things just don’t feel the same anymore. Things are tighter, joints creak a bit more, you have a few older injuries and maybe your metabolism is slow.

Your body is different than what is was a few years ago and you’re ready to make a change but just not sure where to start.

You wish that you could just have a plan of what to do, because if you have a plan you’re going to do it! Plus… just having someone tell you what you can and can’t eat so you can stop playing the “what food can I not eat today” guessing game.

If you can relate to ANY of that, I may have a solution for you…

What Is The 42-Day Challenge All About?

When it comes to results, we’ve got the perfect formula for you to look and feel your best without boring cardio or over-restrictive diets.

Metabolic Strength Training

During this 42 days we create a workout plan that is based around your body, your ability and your goals. We will modify things as needed if we find that you have some physical limitations or movement impingements but we will always be striving to coach you on what you need to be doing and working on next to move better, look better and feel better.

Clean and Lean Nutrition Plan

Yes this is one of the MAJOR components of working with a trainer… what to EAT. During this program we can teach you about nutrition.  There are no tricky pills or potions.  We eat real food.  And you will have everything you need to to know when to eat, what to eat and even how to prepare it.

Track Your Results

We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because if you’re not being held accountable to someone else, then only YOU know if you did, or did not, workout. Its way easier to make excuses to ourselves, in our own heads, than to our coach or our peers. Our entire focus is on getting you results. That’s why we do the most consistent and extensive progress tracking with our clients. That way, we always know what’s working and what’s not. We will take before and after pictures and weight.  And we will have a mid-way check in.

Support And Accountability

Get expert coaching from our personal trainers and the support of others who are just like you. Leadership and accountability could be the missing ingredient you need to make this time count. Let’s look at it this way without accountability you COULD skip your workout and only you would know, but here if you skip a workout and eat too many Oreo’s… trust me we’ll know.


“Before finding Fitness Revolution my job changed. I was working longer hours and I stopped exercising for about 6 months. I began skipping meals and eating the junk food around the office. I wanted to start changing my habits but I couldn’t find a gym or fitness class that started early enough and was close enough to my home to fit into my schedule. I had gained 25 pounds and was borderline diabetic. I had no energy and was tired all of the time. A friend of mine posted a link to Fitness Revolution’s New Year’s Revolution challenge oun Facebook. I was thrilled to find that their schedule worked for me. I attend Boot Camp in American Canyon at 5:00AM. Coach Clark is awesome; his positive energy is contagious. I have always enjoyed and had more success when participating in group workouts. The nutrition program is great because it is not calorie restrictive. I found it simple to follow and easy to incorporate into day to day activities. Now, I am a regular member. I feel energetic and healthy. I have curbed my addiction to many of the unhealthy foods I was eating. I have dropped a dress size and I am feeling really motivated to keep going!” – Velva
“Before I found Fitness Revolution, I had been a member of a local gym for 20 years. I had always felt like I was lost when it came to knowing what I needed to do for a workout once I walked through the doors. I was on my own to figure it out. I needed structure, some assistance and guidance to know that I was exercising properly. I struggled with lack of results and motivation. I felt hopeless and like a failure, like this is just how I was going to be. Day one at FR, I was shocked at the welcoming environment by the members and the coaches. The workouts are different every day and I was challenged like I’ve never been before. I was surprised and pleased that I was assessed prior to starting to determine any limitations so that I didn’t injure myself and to identify areas that I needed to work on to advance in my workouts. Thecoaches are always making sure we are doing it right, that’s was never the case at my previous gym. Fitness Revolution has changed my life. I’ve never felt stronger or more fit. The results are real. I have a ways to go to reach my fitness goals, but have never felt more confident that I will achieve them due to the support from FR staff and members. I sincerely feel as if I’m part of a fitness family that I’ve never been a part of before. I’m no longer just a wandering, lost body in a gym trying to figure it out.” -Julie

Clean and Lean 2017
Transformation Challenge

January 16th – February 25th
1 Simple Payment of $249

Current Members $59

Unlimited Access to Fit Rev GroupTraining Sessions
(Jan 16 – Feb 25)
See Schedule Here

Success Start Orientation with Functional Movement Screen

Clean and Lean 2017 Nutrition Guide with Done For You Meal Plan and Delicious Recipes

Nutrition Coaching

Judgement Free, Supportive Community with Access to Members Only Facebook Group

Coaching Team 100% Invested in Your Success
Clean & Lean is Sold Out
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the challenge?
We officially begin on Jan 16th and end on Feb 25th
You will need to come in for our getting started meeting, starting weight and photos on either Thursday 1/12 at 7pm or Saturday 1/14 at 9am.
Ending Weight and
photos on Saturday Feb 24th starting at 8am
Group Training Sessions: See Schedule Here

Q: Where is the challenge?
You can participate in our Napa (Silverado or Enterprise Way), St. Helena (St. Helena Montessori School) or American Canyon (AC Middle School)  training sessions.
All meetings, weigh ins, orientations will be held in our Napa facility at 934 Enterprise Way, Suite D, Napa

Q: What is the registration fee?
Current Members $59
Non-Members $249
during the 6 weeks of the challenge.  All we ask in exchange
is that we can share your amazing results during our
next challenge!

Q: Who is this challenge for?
This program is for busy folks who are tired of the
way they look and feel and tired of not getting results
with their current routine.  If you are nervous
about starting and needing the guidance of a coach
and a program that will meet you where you are at
then this program is for you.

Q: What if I haven’t exercised in
years and I’m out of shape?
You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape!
This program is for all levels of fitness as long
as you aren’t afraid of a little hard work.  The coach will help you
pace yourself in every session, and we will modify for
all ability levels.

We don’t follow the “no pain – no gain” mentality.
We understand that your
life does not revolve around your workouts
and that some days you’ll feel better than
others.  Our goal  is not to beat you up with
exercise, but help you leave feeling better than
when you came.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix, so working
smart and making consistent progress is key to
your long-term success.

Q: What type of results should I
Common results during a 6-week challenge include:
• Losing 6-24 lbs
• Dropping 1-2 pant sizes
• Tighter stomach, thighs, and arms
• Getting stronger and moving better
• Increased energy all day long
• Better Sleep
• Decreased pain
• Improved strength and endurance
• Clothes fitting better
• Increased confidence
• Feeling proud because you’ve finally done
something for your fitness

Q: I don’t have a lot of weight to lose,
can I still join the challenge?
Yes!  You certainly can!  You don’t have to have a lot of weight
to lose to participate in this challenge.  We all need a jump
start and can use the support of a challenge to break
through a plateau or just have the extra guidance, accountability,
and camaraderie at Fitness Revolution to get to your goals.

Q: What does this program
• Unlimited Access to Fit Rev Group Training Sessions
• The Clean and Lean Nutrition Guide
• Success Start Orientation with Functional Movement Screen
•  Nutrition Coaching
• Judgement-Free, Supportive Community
• Coaches Who are 100% Invested in Your

Q: What are the training sessions
Our Fit Rev Group Training sessions are specifically designed
to increase your mobility and flexibility, increase your
movement range, build strength and increase your
metabolism so you continue to burn fat all day long.
We design all new workouts each week so
you will never get bored with your training!

Each session begins with foam rolling and a
muscle activation warm-up
to improve your flexiblity, mobility, and

After the warm-up, each session includes:

• Resistance training to tone your
muscles and strengthen your bones to keep
you active for life.

• Short burst cardio training to condition your
heart and lungs and improve your endurance
giving you move energy and increasing fat burning.
(NO slow, boring cardio, here)

• Core training to tighten your stomach and
maintain your posture.

For all these movements, we have
modifications and progressions for all levels of
(You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape).

We conclude each session with a cool down
and stretch, so you always leave feeling better
than when you came.

Q: What if I don’t get results?
Here at Fitness Revolution, we put our money where our
mouth is because it’s the right thing to do. We
guarantee all our products and services.

If you are not 100% happy with the program you can request a
refund within the first 3-weeks.

Q: How often will I train?  What if I
miss a session?
With this program, you have unlimited access
to our training sessions for 6 consecutive
weeks.  Most of our clients train 3 to 5 times per week.

If you miss a session, you may make it up at
another time/location within the 6 weeks.  Just
shoot us an email and let us know when/where
you plan on making up the session.

Q: What happens after the program?
If you find the program to be a good fit for
your goals and would like to continue training
with us after the 6-week challenge, we will have
membership options available for you. Our
most successful clients train with us

Q: This program sounds great.
How do I get started?
Simply click the button below and complete
the registration and payment. Because we are
not a big corporate gym and we want to
make sure each and every person who we
work with gets the individual attention they
need to reach his/her goals, space is limited, so
register today.

Clean & Lean is Sold Out
Join Us for Our 28-Day Metabolic Reboot Starting Soon

“Before I joined the Fitness Revolution 20-Pound Challenge my struggle was being obese and lazy! I had no self-love and couldn’t find motivation within myself! This made me feel very depressed. I had no self-confidence! I didn’t love my body image and there were always negative thoughts in my head about myself which eventually just made me a very negative person! All of that started to affect my family and work because I always seemed to be in a bad mood.
Fitness Revolution helped me finally realize that I am doing this life style change for myself and not for anyone else. I still have a long journey ahead of me but I am even more motivated because I can start to see curves and I feel sexy! That is pretty amazing! I have learned that the number on the scale means nothing because I feel and look great! All these positive thoughts have made me such a happy person!!!!!” – Sofia