Attention:  Most Americans Gain 7-10 lbs from Halloween to New Years…

Are You Ready To Finally Get Ahead Of Your New Year’s Resolution and Start Losing Weight NOW Rather Than Wait 60-Days?
In Our Holiday Survival Challenge You Will Discover:

  • How to eat during the holidays to lose fat instead of gain it.
  • How to enjoy some of your favorite treats and still lose body fat.
  • How to save time and energy by getting great results in just 3 workouts per week

Fitness Revolution Holiday Survival Challenge

The Fitness Revolution Holiday Survival Challenge is the answer to all of your problems. Stop worrying about starting your fat loss program in a few months and get started now!

Hi, my name is Tiffany Larson and this is the Coaching Team at Fitness Revolution.  I have seen hundreds of people in my life struggle through the holiday season each year.  They gain weight, are stressed, and feel terrible about themselves during a time of year where they should be celebrating with family and enjoying time with the ones they love.

I have even been there myself!   I hate it, and that is why I created the Holiday Survival Challenge this year!

If you are like most Americans, you will actually gain 7-10 lbs from now until the start of 2017. If you are planning on starting a fat loss or weight loss goal on January 1 like many other people, that means that you just made your job that much harder.

Why fall behind now only to struggle to get back to where you started instead of getting ahead and staying ahead?

At Fitness Revolution, we are here to help you get ahead of the weight gain and actually help you make incredible progress during the most “wonderful” time of year.

Our Holiday Survival Challenge is a 21-day program that will have you feeling great, living stress free, and change your body to the tune of 7-10lbs.

Over the course of 21 days, you will take part in our simple but effective training programs where our coaches will work with you to ensure you are not wasting any of your valuable time or energy on things that don’t get you the best results possible.

You get:

  • Unlimited Access to Fit Rev’s Group Training Sessions (Napa, Am Can, St. Helena)
  • Holiday Survival Challenge Meal Plan with Recipes
  • Holiday Meal Make Over Recipes
  • Private Facebook Group with Ton’s of Resources and Support From Coaches and Holiday Challenge Members Just Like You

Results You Can Expect in the 21-Day Holiday Survival Challenge

Move Better, Gain Strength & Flexibility
We modify our program to m
eet you where you are at and incorporate exercise to improve movement as well as help you lose body fat!
Movement health allows us to improve our mobility and stability and improve the full range of motion necessary for everyday activities.

Look Better, Decrease Body Fat & Inches
Success is measured by more than just the number on the scale.
We specialize in body transformation, meaning you won’t just lose pounds, but also completely reshape your body.

Feel Better, More Energy & Confidence

Any workout can make you tired, but only a great workout with a great coach can make you better.
A fit and healthy lifestyle goes way beyond just a workout. We focus on the whole person.
We believe that you should always leave the gym feeling better and more energized than when you came.

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Here’s What You Get…

Daily Accountability To Keep You Motivated and On Track
Each day of the Holiday Survival Challenge, we’ll be reaching out to you through email and Facebook with special tips to help accelerate your results, hold you accountable, and keep you motivated!

Support Of A Like-Minded Community
You will be surrounded by a group of highly supportive people sharing similar goals and going through similar struggles. Not to mention, the coaches got your back!

Nutritional Coaching To Increase Your Chance For Success Beyond The 21 Days
With our certified nutritional coaches, you will learn behavioral change techniques to help accelerate your fat loss goals that will last for the long haul.

Access To Our Revolutionary Group Training Program
During this 21 Day Program we want you to experience the programming and more importantly, the results we can get you to the fullest extent! Therefore, you have the option to access our group training program unlimited times per week!

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When do we start?

We start on 12/5.  We will take your starting pictures and weight at your new member orientation, which we will set up with you upon receiving your registration.

How much can I expect to lose during these 3 weeks?

That is all very individual. We have had people lose as much as 12 lbs and as little as 5. It all depends on where you are starting out and how much effort you put into your training and nutrition during the 3-week challenge

It also depends on where you are starting. If you have a small frame or are looking to get stronger, you might not lose as much as someone in a different scenario.

Our biggest focus is on helping you get fit and healthy, whatever that may mean to you.

If I follow your nutrition plan, will I be starving all the time?

Simply, no. The plan is based around sound nutritional principles that have helped countless people not only lose body weight but improve other areas like sleep, energy, bloating, clearer skin and more, and it is based on eating whole, unprocessed, and high-quality foods.

What if I don’t have a lot of weight to lose?

This isn’t just about weight loss; this is a holiday survival challenge. We will help you keep your sanity this holiday season.  Improve your fitness.  Learn new healthy habits!  And find a supportive community that may end up helping you well into 2017!

When and where can I attend workouts?

We have training sessions in Napa, American Canyon and St. Helena!  You can pick any location and any time of day.  You can come to any time that fits your schedule best.  No scheduling, no reservations.  It is like an all u can eat fitness buffet.  Here is our schedule:

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