Step Outside of the Fitness Norm

Longevity Fitness is Fitness for a Lifetime

> Post injury or surgery and out of physical therapy visits and still guidance?
> In poor health or chronic pain and don’t know where to start?
> Trying to achieve a specific goal and want expert training and accountability?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then the Longevity Fitness Program is for YOU!

If you are feeling frustrated & tired of conforming & modifying in your group exercise class & doing a workout that was made for someone else, keep reading?

Not any more!

After 12+ years of running a very reputable boot camp in the Napa Valley we have learned that boot camp & group training is not for everyone. Yes, we modify workouts, because we want to see our clients succeed & live an injury free life. However, that might not be enough for you. Most of us need more to improve our aches & pains. Improve injuries. Improve limited movement ability & poor posture.

LONGEVITY, is a personal training program where we assess YOUR fitness & YOUR movement. We develop a fitness plan specific to YOU & YOUR needs & goals. We coach YOU personally, in a limited, small group of like-minded people. This is personal training without the high price tag.


Eric Dahlberg
Napa, CA

Working with Jeff has resulted in marked improvement to my strength and body composition. He has been able to manage what few performance-related injuries I have encountered. He has also taught me a lot about what works best for my body’s strengths and limitations as we have continued to refine my strength program. I tell people that my involvement with Jeff and Fitness Revolution is “the Fountain of Youth in 1-hour installments”.

I also tell people who notice my build and general level of fitness of the importance of working with a trainer who understands longevity is the ultimate goal. You need a professional who knows how body systems work. Jeff offers an integrated training program that features injury avoidance and injury remediation when required. I have achieved results because I have been able to work consistently for many years.

Thanks to Jeff’s guidance, I enjoy a level of strength that defies my 55 years. My body is an asset, not a liability.

Martha Banuelos
Napa, CA

Jeff worked with me on rehab training after experiencing an ankle injury. He provided me with a treatment plan that restored my mobility.

Jeff is very knowledgeable and conscientious. I am able to move better and am In much better shape because of his program. His recommendations for modification enables the body to get stronger.

His program promotes overall wellness and fitness. He is an expert in his field and I highly recommend this program. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable. He has made me stronger and more active. He is able to troubleshoot and treat the individual. He is positive, passionate and just the best!!!




Carrie Boddy
Napa, CA

I was experiencing pain in my shoulder and was advised to have surgery which I only wanted to consider as a last resort. I worked with a physical therapist on rehab and with Jeff to alter movement patterns that had led to the pain in the first place and to allow me to continue to work out. This was over 5 years ago. I have not required surgery and am able to live life and work out pain free.

Having worked with Jeff as a trainer and movement specialist for over 10 years, I largely owe my current state of excellent health, well being, and quality of life to him. He is a miracle worker and is ALWAYS expanding his expertise and knowledge base. Chances are, if Jeff does not know what is causing discomfort, he will have researched it and have a very good idea of what is by your next appointment.

All I can say is Go! Go, now! You will be amazed at his knowledge, ability, dedication, professionalism, and sincere desire to help you feel better and keep you pain free in the future.

Mary Ayers
Napa, CA

Outside of the obvious improvements in my overall strength Jeff has made a real impact on my in thinking about how I approach fitness. I came in thinking it was all “go big or go home” and if I didn’t walk out of the gym feeling like I was going die then I hadn’t worked hard enough. I was starting to really tire of the constant pressure to work harder at each class and feeling like I wasn’t trying hard enough. Jeff has really helped me to see that it isn’t all about pushing yourself every minute of the workout but finding the balance between hard work and rest and that sometimes we just need to stop, drop, and breathe. Jeff took the time to listen to my personal goals around fitness and crafted a program that is designed for me and what I want to achieve. He listens to me when I ask him questions and helps me understand not just how to do an exercise but the why behind the exercise and how it all fits together. His program challenges me mentally and physically. Working with Jeff has given me a new sense of confidence and a broader understanding of fitness. The whole program has improved my quality of life immensely.