Fitness Revolution One-on-One Personal Training is designed for those who have a very specific goal to reach or very unique needs that can’t be achieved in a group training environment.

This format provides you with the opportunity to train one-on-one with a fitness club coach.  You will work closely with your coach to set specific goals and your fitness and nutrition program will be based on your goals and catered to your physical limitations.

One-on-One Personal Training is designed to give you all the benefits of working very closely with an expert coach.  Whether your goal is to climb to Mt. Everest base camp, lose 50 pounds or get relief from pain, this is the solution.

One-on-One personal training can be a stand-alone program or can be combined with group training or semi-private training.

Sessions are by pre-arranged appointment. Give us a call or stop by our Napa gym for more information.