Not only is this a Fitness Revolution but a Movement Revolution as well!

With more individuals being released early from physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery or injury, they are not necessarily ready to begin or return to a full exercise program at their fitness club. These individuals need a professional in Napa who understands how to work with their unique needs and help them accomplish their health and fitness goals.

And don’t forget our pre and post-natal, youth, and sedentary populations that need a movement and principle-based strategy to help them get and/or remain active members of society. We believe there is no better system to help these individuals than the Integrative Movement System™ because it is a principle-based system that transcends any training method. The Integrative Movement System™ was designed so that we can seamlessly integrate it into your current training methods no matter your fitness level, from novice to athlete.

After having observed many of the industry’s top rehabilitation and strength and conditioning coaches I have come to realize that there are few individuals or systems that teach movement better than we do! There are few that pay more attention to the nuances (like breathing, joint centration, and the functional integration into the fundamental movement patterns) that can dramatically change the movement patterns of individual’s than we do!

We continue to study the best practices, with the industry leaders in the fields of rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and performance so that we can provide you what you need and want.

For more information on how to incorporate the Integrative Movement System into your fitness program, please email us at or call Jeff Larson, Integrative Movement Specialist at 707-225-2490.