Through many certifications and thousands of practical applications, our therapist, Jeff Larson, is able to provide relief from any number of painful ailments, such as back, neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee and ankle injuries and any number of issues related to scar tissue that may have been caused by previous injury, surgeries or years of repetitive motion or movement imbalances.

By using a combination of deep tissue massage therapy, trigger point release therapy, Kinesio-tape, Integrative Movement, breathwork and corrective exercise, Jeff is able to provide relief for people who have sought after it for years.

Generally, pain relief and better mobility can be found in just one visit but lasting results come with regular visits and diligent at home exercises.

It is important to note that we make no attempt at diagnosis of any issues and you may be referred to a qualified expert if your needs are beyond our scope of practice.  We can help you relieve pain naturally, manage it through self-myofascial techniques and mobility exercises.

I had been having a very difficult time moving my right arm, my bicep region was very painful and I consulted with Jeff. He offered a trigger point therapy session and I took him up on it right away. Jeff found triggers deep in my shoulder that were causing pain in my bicep.  In addition to the therapy, I was given a regime to follow with a Lacrosse ball that I use religiously now each evening. I have felt a huge relief in my arm due to Jeff’s therapy regime and I am able to work out effectively without pain. Don’t let aches and pains get you down. Jeff can and will help! You will be back on the road to recovery in as little as one therapy session.   Thank you Jeff!      -Nancy Draeger


Jeff has made it possible for me to increase my physical endurance capacity with his Kinesio taping. While I was training for a marathon, I hit an obstacle after a 19 mile training run. I came to Jeff because I was having difficulty with my IT band, resulting in serious pain after 5+ miles of running. My IT band was very tight. Jeff listened as I explained where the location of the discomfort was, and asked me specific questions to rule out other serious issues.  After making an assessment, we worked together on a stretching regimen, and Kinesio taping regimen.  After one taping session, where I had limped in with a painful, tight left quad and knee, I was able to walk out ready for another training run. I was pain free, and had better range of motion.

After a series of taping sessions, wherein Jeff applied several taping techniques to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and support the IT band, I was able to complete the marathon and recover pain free.        -Elisa Acosta


Kinesio tape process is a wonderful and useful tool. The process made me realize, “Wow, this recovery method has a profound effect on my calf injury”, when most other things didn’t. I feel personally responsible for looking for methods other than traditional physical therapy. Kinesio tape allows you to function while gaining an understanding of yourself that you may have not previously had.  I highly recommend.            -Donald Buresh, Realtor® ColdWell Banker Brokers of the Valley.


I had 3 major abdominal surgeries in less than a 2 year period, leaving me with lots of scar tissue and muscle disfuntion in my core.  This coupled with chemotherapy and pelvic radiation has caused me tons of pain and lack of mobility.  A weekly visit with Jeff has been so successful in relieving my pain, restoring my mobility and improving my quality of life.
I am so thankful!     —Tiffany Larson


To schedule an appointment with Jeff please call
707-254-8260 or Email

First Visit Consultation/Discovery/Body Work
55-Minute Session $99

After First Visit
55-Minute Session  $90 ($75 for current members)

25-Minute (Tape Only) Session $50 ($35 for current members)

A credit card is required to make an appointment.

There is a 24 hour cancellation requirement or the card will be charged half the visit price.