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The Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a set of 7 different functional human movements that are designed to discover limitations in your mobility and stability patterns that may be affecting the way you the move not only during exercise, but also in your daily activities.

The FMS generates a Score, which is used as a baseline benchmark, and allows us to provide you with personalized training specific to your needs in a group setting.

Our coaches monitor your FMS score to track progress and to identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength.

5 Key Benefits

Communication – The FMS utilizes simple language and colored bands, making it easy for our members and coaches to communicate clearly about progress and treatment.

Evaluation – The screen effortlessly identifies asymmetries and limitations, diminishing the need for extensive testing and analysis.

Standardization – The FMS creates a functional baseline to mark progress and provides a means to measure performance.

Safety – The FMS quickly identifies dangerous movement patterns so that they can be addressed. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved.

Corrective Strategies – The FMS can be applied at any fitness level, simplifying corrective strategies of a wide array of movement issues to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

For more information visit http://www.functionalmovement.com/fms