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Holiday Little Black Dress Program

If you want to have more energy, burn fat, feel better and look amazing in your little black dress this holiday season, this is the program you want to be in!

If you are frustrated because you have tried to lose the inches on your own, and would love the structure and accountability of a coach and a group. Then you want to get registered for the Little Black Dress Program.

If you are bored of the same boring, non effective routine at the gym, and want  a fun, challenging workout with friends and a professional coach then, now is the time.  Don’t wait until New Year’s – get started now!

Your Little Black Dress Program Includes:

♦  Functional Movement Screen – we perform this screen so you can improve your movement skills.  We are all about helping you get better.  If you move better then you can get more benefit from every workout – moving better = more results! (Value $100)

♦ Fat Burning Holiday Nutrition Template – fat loss starts in the kitchen.  However, nobody wants to be completely restricted during the holiday.  We will show you how to still be able to enjoy some of your favorite holiday treats and still look get lean! (Value $199)

♦ Unlimited Fitness Sessions – Everyday is a different workout, custom designed for your fitness level and your needs.  You get to train with a professional fitness coach and a group of others that are in it to win it just like you- getting lean is a simple as showing up. (Available in Napa, Sonoma American Canyon, St. Helena) (Value $360)

♦ Private Facebook Coaching Forum – we all need that extra boost and accountability.  We all have questions and concerns and want an expert to reach out to. This Facebook group alone will provide you with the wheels for success.  You will find it might be your most favorite part of the whole program!  And you will have access to all the coaches at all times. (Value Priceless)

So what are you waiting for?
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