How to Deal with Soreness
I wanted to address ‘soreness’ it seems this week we had a lot of soreness going around – and that is totally normal. During the first week of camp or after certain workouts, we expect you to be sore, new campers may have a tendency to be more sore than the rest of us, but all of us still get sore.

Here are some soreness DO’s:

1. Post workout nutrition: Make sure you are getting nutritious food right after your workout.  You want a meal with some protien and some carbs, not bread and Ritz cracker carbs but squash, sweet potatoe, vegetable type carbs.  Within 30 minutes of your workout.

Also, another thing to consider right after a workout is antioxidants. We use: Prograde Longevity… Whatever the form, antioxidants help reduce the free radicals that are produced during your workout. Free radicals are trying to damage your cells, which in turn contributes to soreness. Therefore use the antioxidants to fight the free radicals that are trying to make you sore — and of course consult your physician and/or pharmacist about what you should take.

2. Warm Epsom Salt baths: You may have time to take a bath and you may not But a warm bath with Epsom Salts will reduce muscle inflammation. The salts draw out the lactic acid that causes muscle soreness.

3. Stretching & Foam Rolling: If you haven’t purchased  a foam roller yet then you are crazy.  And I say that in the most caring and kindest way. A foam roller is your sore muscles friend. And after the soreness goes away the tightness may stay, you must roll to loosen and lengthen your muscles to prevent and repair.  We have them for sale at the office if you need one.

For those of you that are only coming to camp 3 days per week – don’t be still on the other days. If you are sore you need to move. Get your muscles warm again and stretch them.

Here are some videos about foam rolling:
Foam Roller Techniques for the Lower Leg:
Foam Roller Techniques for the Hips and Glutes:
Foam Roller Techniques for the Upper Leg:

4. Hydration: You should try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. If you are not close to that amount, then add 8oz. per day until you are there.  Hydration is vital to performance for one and for flushing out toxins – such as lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness.

4. General Nutrition: Let me put to you in very general terms if you put bad stuff in your body all day, you should expect to feel bad. You should try consuming lean protein, vegetables and fruit. Your body can’t operate on empty calories like juice, mochas, cereal, cheeseburgers and such.
Here are soreness DON’Ts:

1. DON’T skip camp because you are sore. The #1 enemy of sore muscles is lack of movement. You must get to class and use the muscles again. You move, the blood goes to the muscle it flushes good blood in and the lactic acid out.

2. DON’T keep your trainer in the dark. If you have pain tell us so we can help you. We are available by email and phone ALL the time. Use us.

3. DON’T quit. We are all sore but we made a commitment to ourselves to improve our health. So be pro-active and take the necessary steps to making yourself well.

We are dedicated to your success so please take good care of yourself and let’s get stronger, faster, leaner, healthier and reach some goals!!