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Welcome To Picture Your Progress Premium Coaching
October 10 – November 19th

Hey! I’m Tiffany Larson and this is my team of world class coaches. I am the creator of the 6 Week Picture Your Progress Premium Coaching Program where we help real women like you achieve amazing transformations, inside and out.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a long sales letter, or a hard sales pitch with outrageous claims. As you can see from the pictures on this page, and the Facebook testimonials below, the Picture Your Progress system works, plain and simple. If you follow my 6 Week fat loss system as outlined, you will look and feel beautiful and strong and develop life changing healthy habits by the end of the program.

In 6 Weeks You’ll Get A Better Body Than You’ve Ever Had Before

That’s the honest truth. This is a no fluff, no excuses program. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 11 years, so I’ve seen exactly what works and what doesn’t — and I’ve distilled all my experience with my own journey and that of hundreds of clients into this fat loss transformation program. And I don’t deal well with excuse makers. So if you’re someone who doesn’t want to work smart and hard, or if you make excuses for why you missed a workout, then this just isn’t for you. And if you don’t want to transform your health, your body and your life, then this isn’t for you either. If you are ready to work smarter and harder to make a life-changing transformation, read on!

Here’s My Story

Let me tell you a little bit about my story.  My whole life I struggled with depression and anxiety and after I had my children I weighed 217 pounds and I was a size 18.  My anxiety got worse and my confidence plummeted.

This feeling of anxiety and low self-confidence was still present well into my early 30’s. That picture of me on the left was taken when I was 31. My husband Jeff and I were running a women’s only fitness boot camp here in Napa, the first of its kind and the most successful in the Valley, we had four children at home, I still had a full time job as a property manager and I knew that I needed a change.

So I finally said enough is enough and started to practice what I preach.  I spend the time on my workouts, I changed my nutrition, I made myself a priority and committed to having a healthier lifestyle.

Losing 50 pounds, getting rid of my anxiety and depression and getting back my confidence didn’t happen in 6-weeks but it started in 6-weeks and I have never looked back.

My biggest passion in life is to help others start that journey and be by their side every step of the way.

Transforming my body and my health has changed me inside and out. And I want to give you that same opportunity.

I’m Ready to Coach YOU to Achieve Your Own Amazing Transformation

I’ve opened up my next round of the 6-Week Picture Your Progress Premium Coaching Program and want YOU to be a part of it.

I’ll be super real with you right now — it’s not easy. However, if you follow our system that we outline for you step by step, then we guarantee your results. And you’ll have me and my team coaching you every step of the way. Plus, you’ll look and feel strong and beautiful at the end and have an arsenal of tools to continue your progress.

Think You’re Up For the Picture Your Progress Premium Coaching Program?
Here’s What’s Required From You.

  • Commit to the full 6 weeks with NO EXCUSES.
  • Follow the Picture Your Progress Meal Plan
  • Work out daily, sometimes more than once a day
  • Share weekly progress photos with me
  • Keep at it when it gets tough — my team and I are here to support you!
  • Book a professional photo shoot for the end of the program (optional)
  • Participate in our private Facebook group for those enrolled in the 6-Week Premium Coaching Program

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Register for Picture Your Progress

You’ll get a full 6 weeks of fat burning workouts that will also have you building lean sexy muscle at the same time. These workouts are designed for you to transform your body efficiently and include the latest cutting edge scientifically proven training techniques to lose fat rapidly. You can workout in our Napa, St. Helena or American Canyon locations View Schedule Here.  Or if you can’t make it to one of our locations we will give workouts to do at home, at the gym or on the road.

Meal Plans
You’ll receive the Picture Your Progress Fat-Burning Meal Plan, including lists of approved foods and sample meals. This includes the exact Carb Rotation protocol to help you melt fat even faster.

Recipe Book
Trying to figure out what to eat so you don’t get bored with your meals? Or maybe you just need some quick and simple recipes to follow. No problem, we’ve got you covered with our Picture Your Progress Recipes, included in the program.

Habit Tracking
Accountability may be the #1 factor between being successful on a fat loss program and failing on one. We’ll provide you with  a daily lesson and habit to practice and track through our Habit Catalyst app. Fat loss happens with your sleep habits, your stress habits, your food, drink and exercise habits and we will cover all the bases to transform your lifestyle one day at a time.

Private Support Group
This may be THE key in determining whether or not you succeed in the Picture Your Progress program. We’ll invite you to our private support Facebook group, exclusively for other women doing the 6-Weeks Premium Coaching Program along with you. I’ll be there to coach you and answer your questions daily.

24/7 Access To Your Personal Coach
You get 24/7 access to me as I will be your own personal lifestyle transformation coach.  I’ll work with you hand in hand throughout your entire transformation. We’ll also have weekly Facebook messenger office hours where you can ask me your questions during our exclusive private chat sessions.

Success Start New Member Orientation **
It’s important that we customize the program based on your needs.  During our 90-minute orientation we will perform your Functional Movement Screen which will provide us with information on how to tailor the program to your fitness needs.

So What’s My Investment?

So you’re probably wondering how much of an investment you’ll be making to join the program.

HERE’S THE SCOOP: An average personal training session is roughly $75.

So if you wanted to work with a trainer 3 days a week for 6 weeks, you’ll be paying $1,000+. And that’s just the cost of a few workouts — no nutrition or coaching, no accountability, no support system and no educational materials — with an average trainer likely using extremely outdated methods and definitely not using the cutting-edge integrated programming that you have the opportunity to experience as a client of mine.

Needless to say, as you may have experienced, this is a surefire way to spend a lot of money on an approach that more or less sets you up for failure.

Average trainer + average methods = average, if any, results. Cost: $1,350

In this program, you’ll have access to me and my team in your daily workouts, in the Facebook support group and via email to ask me questions on a daily basis. I’ll also provide one-on-one coaching with regular Facebook live and Facebook “office hours.” You’ll also get 24/7 access to me with our state of the art technology to record your questions, and you get a 30 minute private phone call with me to customize your program.

It is a highly supportive and engaging program. I consider it the most supportive fitness program on the planet.

Instead of paying $1,350 to work with an average trainer 3 days a week, or the $1,000 per month fee that a personal coaching program commands, you get 6 weeks of coaching, the workouts, meal plan, recipe book, accountability and support, 24/7 access to me for just $249 non-members  (current members $59)

That comes out to about 6 bucks a day, which is about the same price you’re already spending for your daily mocha plus tip, right?

Your participation is risk-free.   Any feelings of hesitation you may have about investing in a new program are completely normal!

This is why we’ve decided to put all of the risk on us. You have 6 weeks to go through the entire program risk-free.

Yes that’s right. We know that Picture Your Progress works if you work it — so if you complete the entire program and believe we did not deliver what we promised, we’ll refund your money.

We offer this risk-free guarantee because we’re looking for serious and committed members only. We take our coaching program seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and support for inspired action-takers who are serious about their health and improving their lives.

Ready to Change Your Life?
I Look Forward To Working With You!
$249 Non-Members
$59 Current Members

6 Weeks of Workouts

6 Week Meal Plan

Recipe Book

Facebook Support Group

Habit Catalyst

Weekly Facebook Office Hours

24/7 Access to Your Coach

Functional Movement Screen
Picture Your Progress Premium Coaching Program
October 10 – November 19th