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Napa Valley's Top Rated Fitness Program


This is an AWESOME deal for anyone who is interested in a really fun and motivating fitness program. I can't say enough about how AMAZING the coaches are and how much support you receive in setting and reaching your personal goals. I LOVE my boot camp experience and it has truly been life-changing for me. I have lost over 20 pounds, had a loss of over 6% body fat, and have dropped 2 sizes. With th…Read More


I’m happier and less prone to mood-swings

I just have to say, I'm loving my 6am boot-camp habit and what it is doing for me! I'm happier and less prone to mood-swings and am much stronger on top of it. Thank you, Napa/Sonoma/St. Helena Boot Camp!…Read More


Best fitness program I have been a part of!

For those in the Napa area, I give my highest recommendation to the folks at Fitness Revolution Napa. They have a fitness challenge happening soon and if you've put on a few pounds this summer, this is a great program to take them off. It is the best fitness program I have been a part of and way better than a traditional gym membership. Check it out.…Read More


I have dropped more than 50 pounds

Many friends have asked me about the positive changes in my health and appearance. Fitness Revolution is where my journey began 2 years ago. I have dropped more than 50 pounds since joining in Jan 2014 and continue to both lose weight and get healthier. it is a very unique program that combines fitness with nutrition and constant support and counseling. They are real people who know how important …Read More


Best place to achieve your goals.

I can attest this is the best place to achieve your goals, even if you don't know what those are. Fitness revolution offers many different avenues of support from nutrition counseling, meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping classes. The functional movement screening allows us all from the elite athlete to the person who has never worked out before to safely perform the workouts at their leve…Read More


No more blood pressure medicine

Thank you Tiffany and Jeff Larson for having such an awesome program. The changes I have made I made this past year have been the best in my 51 years of life. I started this journey so that I could feel better and have more energy and to hopefully stop taking blood pressure medication. So this past Friday I had my yearly physical and my doctor was so happy with the change I had made. She said I co…Read More



Since we are talking about Progress, just had to share. Before I started with Fit Rev in the B2S challenge in August I couldn't wear these pants. They were way too tight. Now I need a belt to keep them up! These are the kind of results I know we are all experiencing & keep us motivated. Woo hoo!…Read More


Thank You All For Your Support And Encouragement

When I turned 51 last summer and decided to make a commitment to myself to shake up my routine and try something different. I'd been a gym rat for too long and was tired of the spinning, weight machine routine, etc., without seeing much of a change in my body. I've never been a slave to the scale, I would rather use how my clothes fit and how strong I feel as an gauge/indicator that I'm on, or off…Read More


I Came For The Fitness But Stayed For The Friends

I joined PYP because I go through fits and starts with my healthy eating and exercise routine. I needed accountability and a more strict plan to live by. In the past, I can usually manage to eat right or exercise consistently but not both. PYP helped me put these together. I like the approach of not stepping on the scale. Even though I weighed myself, I was seeing changes in the weekly photos and …Read More

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