Our 14-Day Wellness Challenge is to inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone to try something new and challenge yourself to break out of old habits and break into new healthier habits. To prove to yourself that you can do it and you are worth it!

I want to hear from everyone, either by posting on the blog or better yet posting on our Facebook Fan Page.

For every challenge you complete and every comment and/or accountability check in to you do online (blog or FB) you will earn a points.  The person with the most points will win two tickets to an A’s game, I actually wasn’t planning on giving out prizes, this was mostly just for fun and accountability, but I have these promotional A’s tickets and I think it makes this that much more fun!!!

Sound like fun?  Of course it does!  The points will be on the honor system,  I will be able to see who comments and who doesn’t but you will be responsible for reporting your points to me at the end for consideration of the prize!

We will post a new challenge each day for the next 14 days, you need to do your best to participate in the challenge and post a comment on the blog or on FB to actually complete that challenge of the day.

Okay, so let’s not put this off any further!

CHALLENGE #1  6/11/12

Our challenge for Monday 6.11.12 is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water today.  And drink ONLY water today.  No coffee, no soda, no wine, no tea.  Only water.  If you weigh 160 pounds you will drink 80 ounces of water.

Be sure you post in the comment section at the end of the day  – What was your water total for the day?  And share with us what your favorite water intake tips are!

Points:  Do the challenge and post your totals at the end of the day tomorrow = 500 points  BONUS- Share a water related tip = 100 points  Recruit a friend to do the challenge with you and post a comment here (must be a non-member)= 200 points

Okay looking forward to hearing from you all tomorrow night!  Keep track of your points!