28-Day Jumpstart to Better

Inviting new members to experience Fitness Revolution for the first time with our
28-Day Jumpstart to Better…..

Move Better
Look Better
Feel Better

All of our clients have reported many of these things in the first 28-days with us:

Included In Your Jumpstart:

Success Start Orientation with Functional Movement Screen

12-Sessions- of Live Group Training (Any/Time Location)

3-Train Anywhere Anytime Workouts

Meal Plan with Recipes (tons of recipes)

Unlimited Coaching Support via Fit Rev Private Facebook Group

Jumpstart to Better  $129

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Don’t be intimidated – you are with an encouraging group of people at all levels of fitnesswho are all trying to get fitter together.
It’s so nice to just show up and a thoughtfully pre-planned
safe smart workout is waiting for you to get you in better form and function!
I love it!  –Kris Dodson

“Don’t worry about competing or not being as good, or as fast as others.
Set your own goals, show up ready to work and improve, and you will.
Join the fun!”–Mary Danielak
“This is a great place to be. Keep with it and absorb all of the incredible info that is given you.
If you just listen to the buzz around the physical fitness industry, this kind of work out that
FR provides is the best and most effective!
Jeff, Tiff and the crew stay up on the newest and greatest.” –Alison Christianson