January 25th – January 30th
February 22nd – February 27th
March 28th – April 2nd
May 23rd – May 28th
June 20th – June 25th
July 25th – July 30th
August 29th – September 3
September 19th – September 25th
October 24th – October 29th
November 21st – November 26th
December 19th – December 23rd

This is a great time to visit the program!
Grab a friend or feel free to come as our guest.

* Arrive at least 10 minutes early for quick paperwork and a
conversation with a coach so we can train you appropriately.

* IF you have a mat, set of dumbbells and/or a foam roller, bring it.
If not, we will make it work.

* You don’t have to come with your friend, although its more fun
We just want you to come try it out :o)

* Bring your smile!  It will be fun!

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Fitness Revolution bring a friend week