Get Spring Break Ready in Just 21 Days!
February 29th – March 19th


Join The Training and Nutrition Program SO Effective, You Could Get 3x the Fat Loss in Just 21 Days!

If you have struggled with getting rid of that spare tire, this program MIGHT be for you.

You probably noticed that I said this program MIGHT be for you. Don’t worry—you read it correctly.

This program isn’t for everyone. In fact, it may not be for you, and I will save you the time of reading on by giving you a quick test.

Please Keep Reading and Get Registered IF:
• You are 100% committed to making long term lifestyle changes to decrease body fat, improve strength and move better.
• You are looking for a jumpstart, not a magic pill or quick fix.
• You are prepared to be challenged by your coaches to achieve your goals.
• You are looking for the best program to invest in yourself, not the cheapest workout in town.

 ^^^^If This is You– Keep Reading–We are a Perfect Match!^^^^

If you are still reading, then I have some exciting news for you! Fitness Revolution sharing their revolutionary fat loss program just in time to get you in shape for Spring. The winter is quickly coming to an end, and all of those holiday treats and Super Bowl goodies may have caught up with you. If you are feeling a little less than confident when you check out your side profile in the mirror or even think about a bathing suit, then you should keep reading.

Normally, you would probably head on over to the local gym to start your typical workout routine at a time like this.

You know the one: A few sets of curls, maybe some lunges, and, of course, sit ups—lots and lots of sit ups. Follow up all that with some boring cardio on the treadmill or elliptical, and you’re on the fast track to the body you want… right?


Yet, the results don’t come like you expected. You are still far from your dream body, so you start a crash diet. You eat rabbit food and starve yourself to drop some fat, but then you feel terrible and find it hard to stay motivated to do much of anything, let alone continue your boring workout routine.

At the end of all this terrible dieting and boring working out, you feel worse than when you started and you probably don’t look that much better.

This program is different!

This time around, you can take part in Fitness Revolution Spring Time Slim Down (Lose 10 in 21) and finally get in tiptop shape and look as good as that warm weather feels!

  • No more being worried about the size of your gut.
  • No more covering up your hips and thighs.
  • No more hoping that someone else is more out of shape than you.


This 21-day program has combined metabolism-boosting workouts with a fat-melting nutrition plan to get you the fastest possible results and we set you up for success from the start with our new member orientation that includes your Functional Movement Screen so you will be trained appropriately for you needs.

That isn’t even the best part about the program. The best part is how simple it really is to complete. In just 3 short weeks, you can teach your body to burn fat at a faster rate than you thought was possible using our unique blend of strength, cardio, and core training. In our fitness and nutrition program, you will start burning fat almost immediately and continue melting fat throughout the entire 21 days.

The nutrition plan might seem too good to be true as well! On the contrary, it has been painstakingly researched and field tested by hundreds of normal folks just like you. This nutrition program has been designed around a busy lifestyle. No more eating 6 meals a day and weighing all your food. We have collected some great tasting meals and the recipes that go with them so that you can choose the ones that satisfy your taste buds. Eat 3 meals a day and a snack if you need it! This is all real food that you can buy at the grocery store.

If you are tired of gimmicks, pills, and magical powders that are full of empty promises, then this program is EXACTLY what you need!

We are opening up our Spring Time Slim Down Program to just 20 new people who are willing to commit 21 days to getting AMAZING results.

To get the kind of results we are promising in just 21 days, you will have to be prepared to change your diet, commit to exercise, and check in with your coaches.

Is that really so much to ask for the joy of having the body of your dreams?

If I haven’t scared you off yet, you will be a great fit for this program! The secret to the Springtime Slim Down Program lies in its simplicity and the lifestyle habits that you will develop for great results in 21 days!

I promise that you won’t be starving, you will enjoy your food, and you can make this program effective while living a normal life! All that we ask is that you train three days per week with our coaches and follow the nutrition plan.

Sounds easy, right?

Here is what you will get in our Spring Time Slim Down Program:

Up to 18 total training sessions designed to incinerate fat off your midsection, thighs, and arms

You can choose any group training session days, times or locations. View Schedule here:

21 days of nutritional guidance, including delicious recipes

A Success Session to map out your individual plan for success

Your very own personal Accountability Coach to ensure you get results

We Begin On Monday, February 29th – Saturday March 19th
Brand New Members: $99
Former Members Returning: $149
Current Members: $0

The results were so astonishing after 6 weeks I knew I was a lifer. There is no magic fix in this program. No secret you haven’t been told. The magic is the program itself. The support and accountability is key.   – Laticia

If you are anything like most people, you have probably tried dozens of diets, workout plans, and supplements without ever getting the results you wanted. So I don’t blame you for being a bit skeptical about our program. I would be, too, if I got burned by company after company only looking to extract money from my wallet.

To ensure that you get the results we promise, not only have we compiled an amazing team of coaches to support you along the way AND put together a simple and effective nutrition plan for you to follow, but we are also going to take away any risk you have of not getting results.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 guarantee xHere at Fitness Revolution, we put our money where our mouth is because its the right thing to do and we believe in what we do.  We guarantee all our services.

With our 21-Day Spring Time Slim Down, we GUARANTEE  your results.  If you are not happy, we’ll give you every penny back.  Simple as that.

So you can register, Risk Free – Nothing to Lose but unwanted pounds!

Brand New Members: $99  Former Members Returning: $149 Current Members: $0

“As of today I am down 9 pounds and my confidence hasn’t been higher. My “love handles” are pretty much gone, I would definitely go out in public in my bikini which was my goal. I love my teammates and the awesome people that I have met  this program.  –Sarah

Join the Spring Time Slim Down – We begin your training sessions on Monday 2/29

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Don’t wait around, there are only 20 spots available in this program, and they are sure to go fast!

Brand New Members: $99 Former Members Returning: $149 Current Members: $0

There are all levels of people at camp so I feel comfortable at my fitness level. The routine is different every day and is really fun! I think I’m hooked!   – Maya

Here are pictures from some of our 6-week challenges…..

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