Hope you all successfully made it through the Veggie Challenge!  Did you post your totals?  Remember in order to get the points you must post your totals.  Did you get bonus points for posting a picture of your veggies?  How about posting a tip or a recipe?

I am posting tomorrow’s challenge a little early so you can be sure to be prepared.  It’s a tough one for some people.

Now remember, we are stacking, so you want to be drinking your water, eating your veggies annnndddd….

Tomorrow’s challenge is the SUGAR CHALLENGE.

You must keep your sugar grams UNDER 20 grams for the day.  (Keep in mind we are going to stretch this further over the next few days)

You may not actually be aware of how much sugar you actually eat each day until you start reading labels or looking it up.   Count all sugar grams, including fruit. Although fruit is ‘healthy’ to much will not help with fat loss and blood sugar stabilization.

Not sure about how many grams are in your food?  Look it up at www.nutritiondata.com

Another fun website about sugar is called www.sugarstacks.com

Be careful not to sub in all kinds of chemical sugar substitutes.

At the end of the day post how many grams of sugar you had, no matter what the number.

Do the challenge and post it on Fan Page = 500 points
Bonus: Get a friend to do the same = 200 points
Bonus:  Stack Challenge #1, #2 and #3 and post all totals = 1,000 points !!!!!!