Okay, I hope you all had an eye opening experience today.  You can see how easily the sugar grams can add up.   Too much sugar is toxic—so you did your body a big favor today by giving it a break.   By practicing this more often you will start to find substitutes for things that are really unnecessary.  And less sugar means less body fat, clearer skin, more balanced hormones, less risk for lots of diseases.

Be sure to post your totals for the day, even if you went over 20 grams.  I acknowledge your effort.  This is a tough one.

Now on to our next challenge:  CAFFEINE CHALLENGE

Tomorrow give your ‘cup a joe’ the boot for the day.  And any other beverages or foods that have caffeine.  Caffeine is addictive and most people find when they try to get off of it they crave it, they have headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be hooked to anything like that.  Most people find after a few days without caffeine they don’t even miss it.

You should be able to breeze through this after the water challenge the other day.

Post your favorite ‘non-caffeinated’ pick me ups and any tips or tricks that your use to keep the caffeine out.

Do the challenge and post it on Fan Page = 500 points
Bonus: Get a friend to do the same = 200 points