Wellness Challenge #6 – Family Fitness

This has been a great week of challenges and we will carry on into the weekend.

How did you do today with the Animal Free Challenge?

Be sure to post below what Tier you successfully completed today.  I know this is easy for some of us – (I’m a vegetarian, so no prob)  I did have a little bit of whey protein today so I think that makes me a tier 2.


Tomorrow, is supposed to be kind of warm… so you might want to get this done early.  Get out of the house and move your body with your family.  This could be boot camp in the back yard with your hubby or a bike ride with the kids or a walk to the park with run intervals. Maybe a game of volleyball or a game of kickball?  You could do a yoga video with your kids or teach everyone how to foam roll.

Whatever you do you need to include some family members and share some of your fitness enthusiasm with them.

Post here tomorrow and let us all know what you did and who you did it with.

Complete the Challenge and Post about it = 500 points

Bonus Points: Post a pick here of you and your family gettin’ fit = 500 points