Hope you enjoyed your Sunday and your Father’s Day!  If you didn’t post your Family Fitness Challenge info yesterday please do it below and keep track of your points!

We are going to start off the week with a different challenge and I hope you are all up for it!


I think all of you that are current boot camp members are up for a fitness challenge, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be there every day. However, sometimes we can get into a rut, and make our fitness routine, just that, routine!

So tomorrow purposely do something bigger and better than you have before. Use heavier dumbbells in the workout than you normally use.  Or do push ups from your toes. Squat deeper. Improve your form.  Run longer or run faster?  This is a personal challenge and only you can gauge what you can do better or bigger so dig deep and make it happen.  But follow our number one rule and make it safe!

If you don’t do it at boot camp, that is fine, just do it somewhere, at the gym, at work, at home at the hotel…. At the park?  Whatever!

Be sure to post here, what you did for your personal fitness challenge.  All posts are individual but I want to hear from everyone on this!!

Complete the challenge and post about = 750 points