Well, how did you do today?  Do you go bigger and get better?  Post below what your personal fitness challenge was and be sure to keep track of your points.  I am going to extend this challenge thru tomorrow juuussst in case you were sick or not able to do it for crazy reasons.  I really want everyone to do this one.

So in addition to having a second chance tomorrow we also have tomorrow’s challenge.

Wellness Challenge #8: Zero Starchy Carb Challenge

I think you have been set up well for this challenge considering what you accomplished last week.  But this could be harder than it sounds.

Zero Starchy Carbs means no bread, pasta, rice, couscous, potatoes, crackers, chips, cookies, muffins, etc.  So take a vacation from those items today.  You can sub in veggies and some fruit.

Bonus challenge for the day: Do a Crappy Carb Cabinet Clean Out.  So rather than just skipping it for a day  get serious and get rid of them for good.

Do Challenge and Post that you successfully completed it = 500 points
Bonus Challenge: Post a pic of the crappy carbs you threw in the garbage = 500 points
Bonus Challenge: Get a friend to do the challenge with you and post about it here = 500 points.