Hope you all were successful with the Zero Starchy Carb Challenge!  I didn’t see anyone post any pictures…..  You want those bonus points right?  Post on here about how you did today!  I am proud of you no matter what!

Tomorrows challenge starts tonight but you also have tomorrow night to get it done…..  this one is super important.  A lot of fat loss has a lot to do with how much sleep you get.


Wellness Challenge #9 – SLEEP CHALLENGE

Tonight and/or tomorrow night get 8 hours of sleep, minimum.  This might mean shutting off the TV sooner, planning ahead so you can settle down sooner.  It might help to do some foam rolling, stretching, deep breathing and herbal tea.

Complete the Challenge and post your success = 500 points

Bonus Challenge: Take a 15-20 minute power nap tomorrow and post about it = 500 points

Bonus Challenge: Post about your favorite ‘get to sleep’ tips = 250 points

Nighty, night!