Congratulations on your first day of the challenge!  How did you do with the Water Challenge?

Did you post your totals so you can get your points?  Did you post your water tip for extra points?

Now the idea with this wellness challenge is to ‘stack’ tomorrows challenge on top of todays challenge.  You want to continue with sufficient water intake plus try something new!

So tomorrows challenge is the VEGGIE CHALLENGE

We are going to do what our mom has been telling us for years and eat our veggies.  Not just a veggie or two but 8 to 10 cups of veggies.  There are many sources that suggest that we should have 8 to 10 cups of veggies per day for optimal health.  Preferably raw or lightly steamed and not drenched in butter or dressing.

8 cups of veggies

The goal for the day is to eat 8 cups of veggies.

Points:  Eat 8 cups of veggies and post your totals at the end of the day = 500 points, Post a picture of your veggies on our Facebook Fan Page = 100 points each time  Share your favorite way to eat veggies or your favorite veggie recipe on our Facebook Fan Page = 200 points